How to Use

How to Use This Book

This book was written to support Transformational Leadership in several different ways. 

Leading yourself is the toughest job of leadership. No one will follow someone who cannot find their own way.

Focus on the sections of developing your capacity to manage your emotions and your thinking. Mental and emotional clarity are powerful allies in carving your own direction in life.

Building from your internal abilities, you can be expanding into how you play a leadership role with others. In this case, in addition to leading yourself, pay close attention to the Five Competencies for Transformation. This will provide a framework for building an approach with which to engage others.

The next step in this journey is leading an organization. In this case, you cannot always see or directly connect with all of the parts of it, and you will be involved in the organizational mechanics of operation.

The Organization Wheel is the area to spend your time studying and understanding how your actions can support the two axis of organizations.

You may be interested in leading a transformation within a group or organization. Again, all of the other areas are important. Plus, you need to focus on the Four Forces of Change and learn how to recognize and use each force. With this model you will mapping your leadership actions to focus on the Transformational Axis in the Organization Wheel.


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