3 Main Questions That Every Leader Needs To Ask

    3 main questions that every leader needs to ask. A leader is seen as an individual who is willing to be of service to a group of people and to also help the entire society when his or her targets are reached. It is, therefore, a known fact that leaders have all the answers to every question or problem that the group or those that he or she leads face in the course of following him or her. In a nutshell, members within any organization with a leader are always looking for some kind of confidence and self-belief in their leader and so it is necessary that every leader gets equipped with things that will put him or her in a better position to be seen by the workers as having all the solutions without even thinking about it at all. He or she should make sure that the group is led by him or her moves effortlessly towards the achievement of their goals even in the midst of profound obstacles.

    To be able to be in such a position, it is a must for every leader to ask three major questions which are all directed to him or herself. These three ‘MUST ASK’ questions are:

    What is it that you want right now?This is one of the three important questions that each and every leader should ask in order to be better placed for whatever leadership position that he or she may find herself. This question concerns the things that you as a leader wishes to achieve at that very moment. It is about the desired condition or state that you yearn for with all your soul and energy. If you are given the chance to realize your dream, what is it going to be?

    When you are able to ask yourself this question regarding what you are really looking for as a leader and adequately provide an answer to it then you would have solved about a third of the problems that you will face in the performance of your leadership duties or obligations. Great leaders who have their legacy still living on in our memories like Jesus, Nelson Mandela and Mohammed all had a vision of the place where they wanted to take their followers to and as such worked relentlessly towards the direction of that vision. This is what inspires leaders to the extent that they are willing to even lay down their lives so that their followers may reach that particular destination that he or she has targeted. It is, therefore, the kind goal that we set which gives us the confidence, encouragement, and inspiration to continue what we are doing even if the going becomes tough.

    In what ways are you preventing yourself from realizing your goal? : This is the second of the three questions that every leader needs to ask if he or she wants to have a very exemplary leadership role. After having been able to identify what you want to achieve as a leader, it is equally important to also take a deep look at yourself in order to come out with the very things that you have been doing either consciously or unconsciously which might be affecting your progress towards those goals that you have identified.

    There are a lot of things that a person can do which might serve as impediments in his or her own path to reaching his or her targets. This, therefore, calls for the taking of a very critical look at how you have been doing things and in what ways have such activities aided in your retrogression as a leader. When a leader is able to identify those personal things then he or she can rest assured that the goals which have been set will be achieved by all means.

    What action are you going to take?The third most important question that you need to ask yourself as a leader is “What action are you really going to take with regards to the personal impediments that you have identified yourself? When you identify those practices that have been drawing you back from achieving your target, the next major step that should be taken is how you are going to eliminate such negative practices. Identifying your next line of action is very essential and as such, it should not be joked with at all. The action that you take with regard to the negative practices in your leadership life will determine whether you wish to succeed or not.

    To get to this part of the article means you are now fully aware of the major questions that you need to ask yourself as a leader and be sure to find positive answers to each of the questions for only that can assure you of being a successful leader.

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