‘And’ is a Powerful Conjunction


    In life we have to make choices. In business too we need to list tasks in order of priority. But beware that we don’t exclude certain things because of this.

    When most people think of priorities, they think of this or that. They think about which choice they will make, and as a result, what will go undone. Prioritization is often associated with making sacrifices and only being able to do some of the really good things we would like to do.

    The other way to think of these things is in an “and” world. How do I create more market share and drive down costs?

    The ‘and’ situation applies to all of us

    Each of us, in all of our individual endeavors, needs to consider the important ands of our businesses. As our global connectivity increases, there is no more hiding in one corner of the world.

    We are an interconnected globe, and we all need to learn to act as such. The ability to understand, identify, and relate to multiple stakeholder groups and maintain these multiple perspectives is one of the most important ands we can have for our world.

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