Choice vs. Control

    Transformational Leadership values individual choice over control of others. In effective leadership development, you want people to understand the value of your path and freely choose to place their energy in your direction. The desire to control that is evident in so many existing organizations needs a radical change of direction towards inspirational leadership.

    Real leaders know they have very little control over others or their environment. The aim is to create an organization, which honours each member of the group and their individual choice. This is true of public and global relations; leadership success is not evident through a policy of control.

    It is evident with many people in authority that they use control to get their desired result in certain circumstances through demand and often the creation of fear. This method is not productive when influence is required in certain situations so the controlling leaders then try to control resources or switch tactics to gain more authority. There is a belief that power creates change in others but I believe that we never truly have much power over others. Control of others is a waste of time and effort and worse, an indignity towards other human beings.

    Organisations produce policies and practices that force people to comply. Research indicates that committed people will unfailingly outperform those who are compliant. This is why it is so important to use leadership practices that inspire and influence others towards leading change, rather than use of control.

    Leadership and change are inextricably coupled. Change is to move in a new direction. If people were already moving in this direction, there would be no need for you to lead them. Transformational change requires that people change their current patterns of behavior to achieve greater outcomes.

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