Competency of Action

    Competency of action. The dynamic tension between the desired state and a current state is like wrapping a rubber band around both hands, then pulling them apart. The right hand represents your vision and the left, your present state. The tension builds as you pull in opposing directions. The further you pull, the greater the tension, pull too far and eventually the band will snap and the energy will disperse. If your hands are too close, the tension is lesser but the movement is slow.

    Your current state is anchored in your present conditions. Everything in your life is connected to this state. Imagine that your left hand contains hundreds of threads, all connected to little anchors set around you. Some are very thin, some are larger; though none of them could hold your hand in place individually, collectively they are a strong anchor. Each thread is connected to ways that you live your life, in your current state. They are connected to every person and thing you currently invest energy and attention.

    On your right hand, your vision is balancing uncertainly. There are few or no threads anchoring this hand in place. If change does happen, the energy it takes to hold your hands apart will exhaust and your right hand will be drawn back to the left. This can be called a lack of commitment, goal erosion or backsliding.

    It occurs because the commitment (many threads) to the current state is high, everyone is always committed to their current state and it extends in many directions. Some are small enough to require support to identify them; others are large enough to need assistance to remove them.

    Imagine you stretch your right hand out so that the rubber band is straining to the point of snapping. The band is cutting into your hands, the tension is pulling both hands back together but your left hand suddenly stops, held by the anchors in place. All pressure is transferred to the right hand, moving up your arm. How long can you hold it before the tension brings it back to the current state? You would eventually need to relax the tension and return to neutral.

    What can you do to ensure your vision is manifested? You must reverse the situation by immediately creating anchors that are set in your desired state and release or transfer those in your current state.

    The profound piece of information to be absorbed is that change occurs due to the tension between the current and desired state. Our choices are to release the tension and return to our current state or change to match our desired state.

    Change occurs once we are persistent in the exercise of our transformational leadership, each micro transformation adding up to the whole.

    This is competency of action.

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