Competency of Presence

    Presence is shaped from many aspects of one’s personality, how one thinks, feels and uses emotion. It is the deepest connection to your spirit and least affected by ego or fear. Competency of presence is the life practice of transformational leaders. Not all leaders are born with presence but are shaped by their life’s experience and interactions. Leaders personally impact on others with their authenticity and passion.

    Inspirational presence in leaders is the ability to inspire others to believe in their intentions and take creative actions towards the vision.

    Leadership practice begins and ends with presence. It is how you engage your own inner self and others. There are two parts to this competency, the creation of profound presence, which is related to emotional intelligence and secondly the spiritual aspect of being inspirational. The stoic directive leaders of post WW2 who expected others to follow and gave little back has its place as does the leader in emergencies such as fire-fighters chief in command but in general a different type of leadership is called for within organizations. In fire fighting, a lot of team building is involved and the commander works closely with his team in between emergencies creating the trust that gives the commanders license to direct during the emergencies.

    For leaders that are not dealing with life or death situations, the compelling model is one that is real and human and possesses a deep commitment to a sense of mission and a profound presence that inspires transformational change and growth.

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