Concurrent State of Vision

    When we think of vision we view it as occurring in the future but it is not necessarily only in the future. Consider the possibility of your vision coexisting with the present rather them being exclusively separate. Science has discovered that photons are both a particle and a wave simultaneously. It reveals itself as a wave if it is measured as such and vice versa. Once you choose one way of viewing the photon, it operates wholly as that.

    Another example is entering a room, the possibility that the room will be dark or light coexist. When you enter the room and choose to switch off or on the light, the opposing possibility ends. Both were possibilities until you apply consciousness, intention and action.

    This is true of holding the vision as a group of achievable possibilities; the vision coexists with the present state. The vision is alive in the moment, not necessarily in the future.

    There will be aspects of your vision that occur in the future due to the natural time delay. Each outcome can be broken down into a set of conditions relating to how we interact to the world to produce that overall goal. We live out the conditions that produce the desired state from the moment we create the vision, causing coexistence of the vision and the present. This can happen in reverse also, your current state can exist in the future if you choose to continue on that path.

    Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between past, present of future, we have simply trained ourselves to experience the images differently. Our higher order processing enables us to choose appropriate responses aligned with the state we are currently experiencing.

    Write your vision statement and live it as authentic as and more compelling than your current state experience. Ensure your vision is a full and developed representation of the future but more compelling than the past or present, something you truly want to come into effect. This will grab your attention and produce the energy to make it happen.

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