Driving Dissatisfaction or Fostering Vision

    There are two major categories that create change; those that drive dissatisfaction and those that harbor vision.

    It is important to choose the approach that matches the ideology that you are advocating. While major change methodologies are created around driving dissatisfaction and can create change, much of the results tend to be inconsistent and unpredictable. If you do not make use of a shared vision within the whole organization, each person creates their own personalized vision and subsequent first steps. People move in different directions and can create the “every man for himself” mentality that diminishes potential success.

    Effective transformational leadership holds vision as a priority and uses it as a centre to align people towards a similar direction. A leader must work towards achieving a unified vision, which enables everyone to unite in their movement towards their shared mission. When the common vision becomes more urgent it can create its own sense of dissatisfaction within the group. A collective drive towards the desired outcome gains momentum when the perceived cost of staying the same increases, while the perceived cost of change lowers, propelling natural change to occur.

    All four elements of the change equation are required for change to take place. Inspirational Leadership is differentiated by the choice of which component is used initially. When you choose vision with a focus on your desired intention and outcomes, you will connect to the creative abilities of others and inspire transformational change by quality leadership. People engage with each other and take the journey with you through inspired choice when you lead with inspiration and vision. Others open up and connect to your vision through seeing your commitment in action and the strength of your passion.

    True leadership is creating positive and inspiring conditions where each individual within a group can thrive and prosper using personal choice.

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