Emotional Self-Awareness

    At its most basic, emotional intelligence is personal insight into how you are feeling in each moment. Emotional self-awareness is also the ability to identify and name each emotion that arises. As we begin this journey of self-discovery, we watch our emotions as they change and pass through us, sometimes appropriate, sometimes not, apparently random.

    Later on in our journey, we realize emotions dwell within, each having their particular place in our body causing its particular sensation. Each are attached to situations and imprinting experiences, we have encountered through life. We become aware that certain experiences are triggers that evoke consistent emotions, such as types of music or certain events.

    We are conditioned to react with the same set of emotions when we encounter a similar situation to an imprinted experience from our past. Being aware of this is a substantial key for transformational change. View your emotional body like an ecosystem. Each emotion dwells in its own place and has its own paths and particular call to come out and play. Once leaders know their own heart and system they are effective in being leaders of other people’s hearts.

    Emotions, when left alone, are brief and temporary. Our subconscious learns to hang onto emotions creating complex moods, which become a habitual part of our disposition.

    A profound discovery of emotional intelligence is that we do not have to be slaves to our emotions; that we can consciously choose to change our emotional state in moments, at all times. Give yourself the gift of emotional self-awareness.

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