Envisioning a Compelling Future

    Transformational leaders understand that creating a compelling attractive visual image of their desired outcome is paramount to success. It is essential to ignite the flame of passion in everyone so they can move towards the shared goal. When all group members are clear about the destination, it is easier to walk the path with confidence, passion and inspiration. By connecting to the hearts and minds of the group, the leader uses captivating story and metaphor to tap into their aspirations and dreams for future reality.

    Some leaders are proficient in articulating a compelling vision and showing how it will influence the future. Others may have to draw on the talents of their group members to help them create a captivating picture of what they hope to achieve.

    Effective leaders engage everyone in the creation of a mural of their shared future. Each person is encouraged to ‘paint his own corner’, creating individual visions of how they each fit into the overall picture and as a group. A leader of change helps to develop a sense of ownership for people involved, encouraging each of them towards transformational success. This vision creation is practiced continually and refined over time. It is essential to ensure that the abstract vision for the future is stronger than the reality of the present to keep the whole group inspired and focused on the vision.

    On the organizational wheel, vision is an aspect of wisdom placed in the north. It is the tool for manifesting your dreams into reality, individually and within groups; hence it is of the utmost importance to create a captivating inspiring vision that everyone can work towards making a reality.

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