How Can You Use Action As A Transformational Leader?

    How can you use action as a transformational leader? Transformational leaders are those kinds of leaders who do everything in their capacity to as a leader to make sure that people under him or her are changed for the better through inspiring them to connect with the vision or goal of the organization. Such leaders, even though they want to change people so that they can work with them to reach a target, they do not try to impose their ideas and views on those people but rather seek to allow them change by identifying with goals of the group and its essence in their lives and that of those living in the community.

    The following are the various ways through which action can be used effectively and efficiently by a transformational leader towards attaining his or her desired goals:

    Clarification of his or her visionThis deals with the ability to assure yourself and those who are following you that you really do have the right vision. When you are able to take the necessary steps towards achieving your targets as a leader, then that particular target can be referred to as being achievable. The actions that you take as a leader towards your desired destination will help you in convincing other people to join your work to achieve the vision that you have. However, if it is realized that you do not even know the next line of action to take then it means the goals or targets that you set are either ambiguous or unachievable. It is therefore always important to make sure that you have all the alternative actions that can be taken towards achieving your goal and that will help you portray the essence of your vision to others. Vision will always become clear when they are followed by the necessary action to be taken.

    As a guide for the steps that you takeBeing a leader means that you are serving as a guide to the people who have chosen to follow you and as such, they will always look up to you in all situations when they seem to be lost. It is, therefore, your duty as a leader to ensure that the steps which are being taken by your group members are those that will lead you to the desired goal. These steps can only be guided and made straight by the actions that are taken by you the leader. Action, therefore, makes it possible for you to keep to the specific route that you have set down to use. When things are going contrary to what you have planned, there is the need to change the kind of actions that are being taken in order to ensure that the group remains focused on the achievement of its goals.

    To strengthen the belief of followersPeople will be fully committed to following you when they realize that you are taking actions that further enhance their understanding of the group’s targets. The things that you undertake as a leader are what convinces your followers that you are really sure of where the steps you are taking will lead you all. It gives them confidence and they are willing and ever ready to put in all their efforts so that the goals can
    be achieved sooner rather than later.

    To build skills and abilities for the futureAs you keep on undertaking various activities within the group, you are also indirectly helping to develop the practical skills and capabilities of yourself and that of your group members. This goes to further clarify the statement that practice makes perfect which means the more you keep on doing a particular thing the more experience you will become. The taking of an action, whether negative or positive, therefore helps to gain more experience in a particular area which goes a long way in ensuring that you reach your targets. 

    To reduce the cost of changeThe taking of the action is also aimed at helping to cut down the cost of change. When action is taking against a present condition, it is a way of trying to limit the damage that would have been caused to the system by the time it gradually reaches a particular desired target. By taking an action is to help reduce that damage and in a way save the situation from getting worse. 

    Every follower wishes are led by a leader who is keen on taking the necessary action towards the desired target but it is up to you the leader to let the actions that you take help you in transforming yourself and those around you. The piece you just read will help you do just that.

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