How Is Change A Voluntary Aspect Of A Person’s Life?


    How is change a voluntary aspect of a person’s life? Change in the life of every human being is regarded as being very essential to the total development of that particular person. It is, therefore, something that is encouraged across all facets of life. However, change in itself does not necessarily mean that a person is turning away from something that had a negative impact on his or her life to a different thing which will impact his or her life in a positive way than before. It is something that can also be vice versa in that an individual can also change but this time around it will be from doing something good to the performance of something very negative. There are numerous instances and scenarios that you can look back on and realize that the change that took place in each of those situations was really not towards a desirable goal.

    In looking at change as an aspect of a person’s life that happens with the full consent of the individual there are certain scenarios that can be perfectly used in order to help with the clarification of everything. Some of these scenarios include;

    No human being can be changed without his or her consent: This is to say that when a person is comfortable with whatever situation or condition that he or she finds him or herself in, then it is completely impossible to try and force such a person to change towards a particular direction. It is therefore only when a person chooses to go in that direction that you can say that change has taken place otherwise all your efforts will always be in vain. There have been instances where people have been coerced and influenced by all sorts of things just to bring out the desired change in their life but even those who were tortured were able to stay true to their beliefs. Change only occurs when the person at the center of everything chooses to change else nothing can be done about it.

    People change when they want to: For an individual to also change his or her ways of doing things, it solely rests on when the person in question finally decides to change and not due to any other thing. This is the main reason why a lot of people who were subjected to various inhumane treatments died as a result of what they were passing through instead of accepting to go with the views of their oppressors. When an oppressed person finally decides to go the way of his or her oppressor, it should not be seen like the oppressor has been able to change that person but rather the person has decided to change out of his or her own free will.

    People always repel being changed: Whenever an individual tries to change a person or a group of people, such actions are mostly strongly repelled and this is due to the fact that people do not prefer being changed by somebody. It should, however, be noted that humans have always sought to change their ways from time immemorial and will continue to do so for as long as humans will keep on existing but no human being is comfortable with external forces working to bring about a change in his or her life. Being influenced by outside forces to change has always resulted in serious altercations between the people involved. Humans have always sought to initiate their own personal changes themselves and as such do not take kindly to the idea of change being forced on them.

    Types of change: 
    There are two main types of change within humans  
    Internal or personal change: This deals with the change which is set in motion by the individual him or herself and it stems from the desire of such a person to change based on his or her own reasons.
    Outside or external change: This is also referred to as the forced change as people are forced or influenced in whatever way possible to ensure that certain changes are recorded in their lives. This is the type of change which is usually abhorred by a lot of people as they see it as the trampling upon their basic human right which is the right to make their own choices.

    Looking at the various points that have been discussed, it is very easy to really understand why a change in the life of a person is seen as being a voluntary thing or the person choosing to change by his or her own free will.

    How is change a voluntary aspect of a person’s life?

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