How To Bring The Best Out Of People As A Leader

    How to bring the best of people as a leader. People have been making use of a number of methods and approach all in their bid to get others to put in their maximum best towards the attainment of a target. Being referred to as a leader is something that always gets confused with being an authoritative figure. It is however very unfortunate that leadership always gets confused with having authority over people.

    Scenarios where leadership is interchanged with having authority over people:

    • The work of a Chief Executive Officer: Such a person is always portrayed as being a leader of all the employees due to the fact that he or she is able to rally them towards the accomplishment of tasks that help with achieving the objectives of the company.
    • A military commander: It is very common to find people referring to such a person in times of war as having been able to lead his or her subordinates to war. The reality on the ground, however, is that he or she did not lead them to war but rather those subordinates were authorized to do as he or she says. That alone eliminates the idea of leadership from the work of a military commander.
    • A King or Queen: This is also another major scenario where certain people are seen as being great leaders whilst in actual fact they were just controlling the behavior and attitude of people. A King or Queen most at times is regarded as having led his or her people very well but what is always forgotten is that the King or Queen had the backing of the rules and regulations of that particular Kingdom and as such people were compelled by those laws to obey.

    These various scenarios and many others have all had certain people being regarded as leaders. However, the mere fact of being able to get people to do your bidding does not make a person an inspirational leader. On the contrary, it rather helps to portray an individual for the authority that he or she possesses and not his or her ability to inspire others.

    In your bid to bring out the best in people, there are two main ways through which that can be achieved. It does not matter the names that others may give to these two approaches as they will always remain as they have been previously, currently and even in some years to come. These two approaches to getting people to accomplish a particular task are as follows.

    • Through the use of external force: This refers to the use of other powers that are vested in an individual which allows him or her to influence others to do something. In this approach, the main concern of the person in charge is to see to it that each and every individual gets involved with whatever the group is expected to be doing in order to realize the organizational goals that have been set. This approach mostly deals with the exertion of power┬áby the person who has been put in charge over the other members within the organization with the main aim of getting them to work towards the organizational goals. Due to the fact that results are always gotten by such people who have been put in charge of others, they are always seen as being great leaders. This is a type of approach is one that has gained a lot of popularity due largely to its ability to rake in results over very short periods of time. It is also the approach that is widely practiced by the majority of people throughout the world.
    • Through the giving of others the chance to choose: This is the second approach to leading a group of people. It makes use of the complete opposite of the first approach as it gives each and every individual the chance to choose whether he or she wants to follow you on what you seek to achieve or to do otherwise. This means that members who decide to follow you are those that are willing to go with you through thick and thin in order to realize all the targets that you have set.

    In comparing these two approaches to leading a group of people, it is very essential to realize that when people are allowed to do something that they themselves chose to do they do it very well as compared to those who are being compelled by some external force.

    In your bid to therefore lead people, it is very essential that you always try and stay committed to the choice of the people that you lead for what you will be able to achieve with those who willingly chose to follow you will be much more than if you had forced a greater number of people to do your bidding.

    This is how to bring the best out of people as a leader.

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