How To Inspire Others With Your Presence As A Leader


    How to inspire others with your presence as a leader. Inspiration has for such a very long time now been confused with motivation and it has grown to become an acceptable error. However, inspiration is all about being able to go on with your life even when you are all alone by yourself. It is when you reach deep down into your soul to find a spark that helps you to keep on with what you wish to achieve. Motivation on its own is the urge to do something and do it well due to the fact that an individual is already inspired.

    The presence of an individual is seen in how the person is perceived by others even when they do not do so willingly or voluntarily. The presence of an individual is known to have varying degrees of effect on people and these effects can be under two broad categories which are:

    Positive effects and Negative effects: These are two things that are basically associated with the presence of a person. It is either the person is able to influence others in a positive way or that person is able to affect the behavior of others in a very negative way with his or her presence. In whatever way one looks at it, the mere presence of an individual has a lot more to offer than people think of. There are certain people who are able to influence others in various ways without even uttering a word and that capability of a person is referred to as an inspirational presence.

    People and how their presence is felt by others: Even though as a human being who also qualifies as a living thing, there are still those people who will always be able to have others noticing his or her presence especially when they enter a filled room whilst there are also those who can make it from one end of the room to the other end without even being noticed at all. That goes on to show that presence is not sensed in the same way for every person. There are those whose presence can be felt even when they are not near you and those who may seem as not being around even though they may be standing right next to you.

    Presence and how it affects people: There are various ways through which the presence of an individual can affect others. Some people tend to be affected in a very negative way by the presence of an individual whilst others also tend to be positively influenced whenever they are in the presence of a particular person. For example; an individual may fill very tensed and worked up whenever in the presence of a particular person. There are other scenarios which are all associated with the presence of a particular person and some of them include;

    1.  Being able to laugh
    2.  Being able to become sorrowful
    3.  Being able to become very confident

    These are just some of the effects that the mere presence of a person can have on others and they can either be good or bad.

    Having a positive influence on others: It is a known fact that not all people will be able to make their presence felt by others and this goes on to show that there are people who are always able to influence others to follow them in whatever that they do. Such people do not use many different means to get others to follow them without forcing them to do so. It is something that they have developed with time and that can also be used by others to give them positive results. To be able to inspire others with your presence requires that a person connects with his or her inner being and show all the efforts and strength that are put into what you believe in and what you are doing to achieve those goals. Doing that makes others to easily be able to connect with you and also share your vision and objectives with you. When people get to know your true personality and what your dreams and aspirations are, they can then be in a better position to connect with you on a very positive level. It is only when you allow yourself the chance to fully link up with your true humane feelings that others can also be influenced or inspired by your presence.

    This goes on to show that even though there are people who are born with the ability to inspire others with their presence, it all depends on how such a person demonstrates the exact feelings that make him or her humane.

    This is how to inspire others with your presence as a leader.

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