How good are you at Commitment?


    We all make commitments – in business, in sport, in marriage and elsewhere. The degree of success we enjoy as an inspirational leader is largely determined by our level of commitment.

    Recognizing and honoring commitment allows you to choose your actions.

    You need great commitment but in the right areas

    A person can be committed to indifference or committed to ambiguity. A person who is having trouble deciding what he wants to do can be committed to indecision or committed to struggling.

    What if every action people took was because they were committed to that path? Consider how that would change your view of them.

    Fine tune your commitment

    If you are not getting what you think you want, you must find the areas of commitment that you want to shift. Until you become aware of them, they remain invisible forces that can keep you from moving in desired areas.

    Begin by acknowledging that you are absolutely committed to everything in your life, exactly as it is right now. The question is, do you want to be?

    If you are not getting what you want in life and are, instead, getting things you don’t want, you must look at how your are committing yourself.

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