How Others See Us


    You are the leader and will naturally attract a response from your colleagues. But what are they thinking? And what are you thinking about them and their response?

    It is important to think about how others will perceive what we are doing or where we are going. Each person will interpret us differently, and we will interpret each individual through our favorite systems.

    If we expect people to resist change or our ideas, we inform our subconscious that whatever we see as resistance is a meaningful whole, and our sensing systems will find it. Our personal filters and biases will present an interpretation of what we see, based on all of our own experiences.

    The people who observe us are doing the same thing and finding their own meanings in the experiences. A complex dynamic is at play, even if none of the participants are consciously aware of it.

    We are unique

    Every human will have a different representation of reality from everyone else, and we must consciously work with the differences we engage. Just know that these differences are simply a symbolic representation of the world and are unique to each person.

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