How to be good at Leading


    Your goal is to become a transformational leader. But how? First, know thyself.

    The ability of leaders to be clear about their own passions and areas of importance creates the opportunity for others to share in that direction. If you are clear about where you are going, others can be as well. This enables others to make the choice of informed action.

    After clarity of individual direction, leaders learn to engage others in their direction. They learn to honor choice and support change in themselves and in others.

    Good leadership makes it both safe and desirable for others to grow and develop. As leaders honor choice that is fueled by inspiration, they can have a very large impact across many people.

    Be a leader of many

    To engage large numbers of people requires having an understanding of how an organization holds people together and guides collective action.

    It is one thing to gather a group of people who have already rallied around a cause and, through your actions, inspire them into collective movement.

    It is altogether different to engage a stable group of people, as in a work system or large organization, and influence them in that setting.

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