How to Be Inspired


    If inspired leadership is the ideal then how can you exercise that style? What steps are needed to become an inspirational leader? The answer, believe it or not, is simple.

    “Be inspired.”

    This is the first place of leadership. Each of us has to find the thing in life that really turns us on, that lights up our eyes, that makes us want to leap out of bed in the morning because we can’t wait to be involved with it. We find our passion in the middle of this space of caring, and we learn that our actions produce results, and create things that we can love.

    How to Recognize an Inspirational Leader

    When we see people who have this energy flowing through them, we will see it in their eyes. We will hear it in their voices. We will feel it through their actions.

    When we look at leaders who have found their inspiration and have connected in that deep way of being and knowing, we see that they are on a journey and are setting their own pace. These people truly lead by creating the spiritual, emotional, and cognitive journey toward their highest aspirations. They do not propel others in that direction. They compel others to want the same things.

    That is the deep and profound difference of the inspirational leadership style.

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