How to Make Change Happen


    Start immediately. The longer you delay the harder it is to affect change.

    The most important thing to promoting change is to make immediate change. The tension you feel against a vision, left unsupported against the weight of the current state, can only weaken over time. This is one of the absolute facts of change.

    Until you make your desired state more powerful, significant, and compelling than your current state, you will not achieve it.

    You must begin immediately to reinforce and enhance the desired state, while reducing the strength of the current state. These changes will be both large and small. Regardless of the size, the most important aspect is that the changes need to be intentional.

    The three immediate steps

    We often talk about three areas of change when we begin planning our first steps-what we will start doing, stop doing, and keep doing.

    Every change involves some of each. Some things in life will not change at all. The secret is to take those which don’t change and turn them into positives.

    If we have things that we do without fail, we can use those times and places to remind us of our desired state.

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