How to transform your Organization


    Inspiring leadership is a proven path to success but how can you make that happen in your workplace? Well first ensure you have a transformational leader. They will have certain basic characteristics and be competent in performing as follows:

    – Envision a compelling future (vision)
    – Commit to the future (action)
    – Set high-performance goals (aspiration)
    – Enable inspired action through teams (collaboration)
    – Exude energy and inspiration (presence)

    These are the areas of leadership that make the most difference. It is worth every leader’s time to understand how these relate to change and to also see how to use them. Concentrate on these specific areas to fully develop your leadership skills.

    Skills that change organizations
    These particular competencies allow you to transform and support change in organizations. As you work in these areas, you will unleash the innate power of an organization to change.

    Remember it is a balance between change and stability

    – What sort of techniques have I learned that promote stability in an organization?
    – What sort of techniques have I learned that promote change in an organization?
    Strike that happy, nay brilliant balance. You need a vision, a plan, aspiration and collaboration.

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