It’s All about VIsion


    Getting people to take action can be driven by different means. Prodding or threatening them can produce results. But are they the type of results you want? Creating a vision and leading people to action produces better and longer- lasting benefits.

    The most effective change efforts put vision in the center and work to align people around that direction. By working to achieve a unified sense of shared vision, you create a collective movement toward a shared aspiration.

    As this sense of vision increases and becomes more compelling, it tends to create its own sense of dissatisfaction among its constituents.

    When you stay with a vision, with a focus on what is possible and what you hope to create, you can connect to the generative and creative nature of people. You engage consciousness and create a journey that people will take together.

    Show don’t tell

    When people can hear your story, see your commitment in action, and feel your passion, you have the required first connection. You will begin to open people to your vision through this.

    You are creating positive and compelling circumstances in which people can thrive and prosper.

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