It’s Not Easy Being the Boss


    You tread a fine line as leader. You want to have your colleagues move but through inspiration. You want the right type of change. This comes back to you and the type of person you are.

    People do not want a change leader to be a boss or a driver; they seek a person who is inspired and committed to a path toward a more highly desirable place. They want a leader who is dedicated and who cares about them as much as they do themselves.

    People want a change leader who has committed to much more than the goal or objective. This would be a person who has committed to the integrity of the system, is cognizant of the efforts required to get there, and who takes responsibility for keeping the whole system together and on the same path.

    Is this your style of leadership?

    A mature level of leadership is quietly strong. It is assertive but not aggressive. It is confident but not commanding. It is driven but does not drive others.

    The journey matters as much as the destination and we are all in it together.

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