Leadership Begins Within



    There are two approaches to living. One is to make the best of whatever life situation you find yourself in, by being present and putting love and humanity into every moment. The other is to create the life you want. This begins with an inward journey to discover what kind of life that might be. You then carve a pathway to that imagined destination.

    Leadership should embrace both qualities. First, choose the direction and destination and then fully engage in each moment of that journey with passion and commitment.

    People who are truly connected to their inner sense of power and inspiration have no real desire to direct others. Their inspiration comes from a deep place that drives them to follow their passions. The unfolding of this innate inspiration and drive compels others to move in the same direction. They aim for certain results and have a desire for others to share these outcomes.

    Three steps to accomplishing the first steps of leadership:

    1. Find your passion, what do you love most and want to have happen in the world?
    2. Connect with this passion on a deep and personal level. Become an expert; make it the essence of your being, integral to your life.
    3. Launch this passion into the world in the biggest way possible. Imagine the greatest contribution you can make and multiply it. Live it into being.

    You cannot inspire others if you are not inspired. Tap into your inner awareness, which will guide you. Do this regularly, as our mission changes as we go through life so continuous questioning, evaluation and reflection is required. Try different experiences and you will know when you are being true to yourself. Remain inspired on your path, giving up on a mission because it appears daunting is ultimately giving up on yourself.

    We are here to learn lessons, to accomplish and contribute. All the facets of our lives combine to from a unique and complete tapestry. Some will contribute to society and the evolution of humanity, others will not, despite their deep intentions.

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