Transformation occurs when we make a fundamental change in our perception or state of being. It can also be experienced by immersing oneself in a different culture and lifestyle or by making significant career changes. Transformations begin when you take charge of your lifestyle choices and engage with the world in a new way. The changes may seem small and insignificant but each time you align your language with your present purpose you are creating microtransformations. When you acquire the skill of turning even the smallest of situations into a positive life affirming experience that is in alignment with your mission, you are experiencing the essence of transformation leadership.

    Don Miguel Ruez’s first agreement of The Four Agreements is, “Be impeccable with your word”. This is an empowering yet challenging concept to practice in your daily life. In leadership, it elevates your position of transformational influence. When you speak with clarity and conscious intention, you place great power behind your words creating positive influential change.

    Be constantly aware of your internal dialogue and be impeccable in how you speak to yourself always, in all situations. This is the beginning of transforming your experience of the world. Your microtransformations will become evident and you can progress to an awareness of how your language affects and influences others. You will have an understanding of the power of words spoken with intention and clarity. When the microtransformations of people across the globe merge, they create the greatest positive changes in the world.

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