Changing Together

    4812140051_2600ee3a01_nIt is easy for even good, solid folks to get so far into the adventure that they leave their colleagues too far behind. Help them develop their ability to use the communication strategy and relate person-to-person with the organization. The first task for this community is to learn how to work together to seek out, learns about, and evaluates different ideas and concepts as a group. They can start by establishing an initial set of areas to explore and by deciding which areas to go into first, planning what each person is going to do or look for, taking the first few steps, critiquing the results, discussing what they did well and what they missed, then moving on to plan the next bit of the task.

    It is tempting, in the name of efficiency, to lay it all out for people. However, this will rob them of the need, and chance, to really engage the job. Another trip point is encouraging them to do it all—plan their approach, collect their information, frame their position, and make their report—in one big cycle. People have been doing that in organizations for decades without much happening. Help them get into this building process in which they take their colleagues along with them.

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