Obstacles in Setting Goals


    If you have failed or are failing in achieving your goal, it is time for some self-examination. Ask yourself the following questions.

    – If my goal is truly important, why doesn’t it already exist?
    – What have I chosen to do with my life and time that has taken me in other directions?
    – Does any part of me fear actually having the goal?
    – If the goal is truly important, will I stop doing everything else in my life that is not aligned with it?
    – If not, what will I keep doing?
    – Can those activities peacefully and compatibly co-exist?

    It’s all in the mind
    Most of the obstacles are in our thinking or are deeply set in our emotional selves.

    We all have our reasons, no matter what they are. Be honest about the situation and unafraid to carefully examine it. We must take the time to look for what has stopped us already. Otherwise, we are most likely to stay stopped-or at least significantly slowed.

    It can be a good move to re-write your goal. Rewrite it in such a way as to include all of the things you have learned. By this time, you should have a compelling picture of a goal that is worthwhile and aligned with your heart, and you will have identified the issues within yourself that you most need to manage in order to accomplish your goal.

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