People Choose Their Leaders

    People who are hired by organizations to lead are only figureheads unless the people allow them the opportunity to lead. Leadership develops only when a trusting connection is formed. Leaders are created when others aspire to their passion and commitment. This energy is felt by others and tapped into their limbic system to move their hearts to follow this person through personal choice.

    Successful change occurs because of the leader’s ability and choices he makes, when he chooses to engage with the group, to commit to the purpose and to inspire others by his conscious perspective. Leadership development is created by networks of thought, energy and commitment that drive organizations.

    When people are hired to lead by organizations, they are given formal power to exert some control over people within the organization. They have power over decision-making and legal responsibilities, but this does not create deep heartfelt connection with the people he is hired to lead. It is only when a leader has genuinely connected to the heart and spirit of his leaders can he be termed a true leader. It is then he is chosen to be followed.

    When we manage our own thought patterns and subsequent behaviours, we become truly aware of the power of inspirational presence as we realize how we wholly influence our reality. We begin to notice how we shape the world and how what we desire, comes to us. This awareness influences others, the mere presence of good leaders transform others view of the world and aspirations that follow. When leaders come from a place of deep inspiration, they can truly make a positive contribution to others and the world. They are chosen as great leaders.

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