Realization Of Learning


    Realization of learning. Human learning proceeds in a cycle of doing, experiencing, making sense out of the experience, and then doing it or something else again. In the cycle, we develop theories (our beliefs, attitudes, and values) about how things work and how we can or cannot affect them. The whirlwind spirals round and round, usually outside of our consciousness, lifting us upward, we hope to a larger and better knowledge base. Sometimes things don’t happen the way we expect, so we either ignore the event or change our theories.

    When we cannot make sense of what is happening and get stuck somewhere in the learning process, we often become anxious and retreat to an inner reality, or we search for a divine being who can control it better than we can, or we go into culture shock or go crazy or grow terrified and run like heck. In day-to-day life, we don’t usually pay attention to the fact that we are learning unless someone we pay attention to tells us that our theories are screwed up or our experience of what actually happens isn’t what we expected to happen. Then the spinning cycle slows down for us and we become aware, sometimes quite painfully, that we are in a learning situation.

    Effective ways for employees to learn in organizations should be set in place.

    • Before starting any training session, clearly, state what your employees should be able to do by the end of the program.
    • By planting this idea before you begin training, they automatically think about how they can apply what they learned to what they do at the workplace.

    This will build confidence and morale within the workplace.  Human beings learn new things when there is a need to learn. So remember to teach why before how.  This will help in the area of the realization of learning.


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