Secrets of Communicating


    There are definite do and don’t behaviors when communicating with an individual or group. Go the do part right and eliminate the don’t part and your ability to communicate effectively will skyrocket. Communication is an essential part of any inspirational leader.

    Communicating is building a system of rapport between people, and that requires healthy amounts of paying attention to the other person’s wants and needs. If we turn our intention into an agenda, we run the risk of shutting out other people.

    It’s all about our intention

    Make it a practice to consistently be as clear as possible about your intentions for all of the things you do on a daily basis. Think about your intention in writing an email. Think about your intention in reading an email.

    Think about your intention when you greet a receptionist or the server in a restaurant. Think about your intention when you say hello to significant people in your life.

    Whatever it is, the greater degree to which we can bring up our “anticipated outcomes” and make them consciously our own, the more effective, dynamic, and powerful we will be in the world.

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