Setting Goals


    We can all set goals but the best type is high goals.

    Transformational leaders have high expectations. They set lofty goals for themselves and push to be different. Though not necessarily drivers in style, they are always looking to a higher level of performance. Moreover, they challenge the status quo, both in themselves and in others.

    This is a direct outgrowth of vision. Once the leader sees a new possibility, the next realization is that current types of activities will not achieve that possibility, and new thoughts and actions must prevail.

    Transformational leaders and their goals

    When we imagine the future, we only get clear about a very small fraction of what it will actually be like. Consequently, it can happen that people start trying to create a new future by constantly doing what they have always done.

    A transformational leader supports people in aligning themselves with an indefinite picture of the future (although becoming more definite every day), in which they essentially rethink everything they are doing.

    The best way to find disconnects is to put a real stretch on the system through active goal setting. Push those goals higher and aspire to reach them every day.

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