Team is #1


    The snowball effect is truly seen when a vision and action plan are pursued by a team.

    The transformational leader truly looks at how the team’s attention and energy is focused. Teams can accomplish great things, but teams also can wander somewhat aimlessly-or worse, can flounder without accomplishing much at all.

    To lead a team environment, the leader must think and act with true collaboration. This involves actively building trust and creating emotional safety for communications.

    In addition to having a clear-cut mission and sense of purpose, teams must have clear, timely, and relevant information and must work together to make decisions and act on the results.

    Leadership with your team

    As a leader you will enjoy greater success with the support of your team. To move into this sphere of leadership, you must deeply appreciate the contributions of others and sincerely focus your attention on the success of groups of people.

    The other outcome of using teams is the deepening of a shared vision. By getting a larger number of people immersed in a vision, you can work with the meta-consciousness of an organization.

    Getting multiple perspectives and energy focused on a desire will tremendously accelerate the accomplishment.

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