The Envision Practice

    The Envision Practice. The goal of transformation is to improve the status quo; we use the term vision for ‘envision a compelling future’. As a leader, we realize that the best results occur when we envision our desired outcome as having a positive influence on the world in the future but live it as much as possible in the present moment. Leadership is doing what we do at each moment in the service of leadership. Our individual behaviors and actions create the level of leadership we are currently experiencing. When we simply think about our desired outcomes and state of being, we are embracing the initial steps of our future creations. Doing this on a continual basis, holding our vision in mind using all of our senses, will manifest our desires into reality sooner rather than later.

    Mental Management

    Mental Management is taking responsibility for your thoughts, how they create your feelings and subsequently, your interaction with life. It requires an awareness of our habitual thinking patterns, the language we use and the limiting perceptions of reality we have about life. By constant awareness, change can occur allowing you to create a new set of thoughts and images, guiding your actions to allow the realization of your vision. We gradually reframe old mental processes formed in childhood and the ways we have adopted in perceiving the world. Some elements of change will happen, instantly though the achievement of the whole vision is normally a gradual process once you have the patterns in place that represent the dynamics of the vision. The process is generated when we choose appropriate actions based on our vision related values.

    This is the envision practice.

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