The Power of Commitment


    The amount and type of energy you commit towards your life’s passions will determine your personal and leadership power. We habitually use the term commitment to describe how much effort someone is applying to their present mission and say that someone is not committed if they are not dedicating enough energy. Consider how your view would differ if you understood that in both of these examples, each are committed to their personal choice. An individual can be committed to struggle, indifference, indecision or uncertainty as much as can be committed to positive actions.

    This changes the viewpoint that we need to make ourselves commit; instead, we can recognize where our commitment lies in any given area and determine if this is what we truly want. When we realize that we are all committed to creating the life we are leading, it uncovers the forces that keep us stuck. We gain awareness about areas of life where we need to change the focus of our commitment to that which serves us. This is a great resource for instigating change, clarifying your focus and aligning your intentions.

    We discussed Sara in previous posts who has a negative attitude towards meetings, hence she is committed to her opinions of unproductive meetings. By examining her intentions and beliefs, she can change her focus to what she truly desires. This begins with mental imagery of the desired outcome and using positive thoughts and words consistent with the new intention. Her power then shifts to her aligned commitment and she honours this during meetings with positive thoughts, actions and energy.

    Be aware that you are committed to everything that unfolds in life, then recognize where you are committing to unaligned intentions and outcomes. Monitor where you are getting unwanted results, change your commitment focus to achieve that which you do want. Knowing that your previous level of commitment produced the corresponding results highlight the power of commitment that you can now apply to create your new ideals in alignment with your new focused intention.

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