The Power of Saying Yes and/or No

    We need to be clear about what we desire and deserve in order to send the right message to the universe and ourselves. Our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference if we are not clear and concise and will produce corresponding results. When we receive an outcome that we truly desired we easily give a resounding yes, but if we receive unwanted results, we often accept it as part of life. This can give our subconscious and the universe a yes message also.

    Staying in an abusive relationship or a job that you dislike is inviting that pattern to remain in your life. Being an effective leader requires an understanding of what you are saying yes to. Clarify your desired outcomes and find examples of where they already exist and affirm them with the power of yes.

    It is equally important to be aware of saying no to the universe. When describing your intentions speak only of what you do want so you are not giving energy to unwelcome outcomes. It is essential not to state goals in the negative, such as, ‘I do not want to overeat’, ‘I do not want to be lose my job’ etc. This places energy on that which you do not want and the chances of receiving it increase.

    State your goals in the language of toward rather than away from, as this is the only language the law of attraction understands. Whatever you place your mental energy on is what you attract into your life. We are in a constant energy exchange with the universe, which trains our subconscious to what we truly desire, watch where you are placing this attention.

    Say yes to areas of your life aligned with your highest purpose, your particular vision. The power of no lies in defining boundaries, which gives added clarity to the power of each subsequent yes.

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