The Zone of Ambiguity

    As we move towards change, we continue to make decisions, assess situations and interpret data to create meaningful representations of reality. These perceptions are still based on your experiences rooted in your subconscious related to your current state rather than your desired state. It is important as a transformational leader to be aware of all the subconscious processes that are taking place. I call this the zone of ambiguity. If you are not consistently self-aware, you could produce automatic patterns of behavior, which leans to recreating your past states rather than moving you towards change and your new desired vision.

    There will be numerous subtle situations that require you to make informed decisions in total awareness to prevent this occurring. As you become increasingly focused on your desired state, some confusion or tentativeness can emerge about which direction to take. A sense of ambiguity can take over which results in difficulties when you find yourself at a crossroads and both seem like the best route to follow. These wavering thoughts can become so strong as to produce internal conflict, which if left unchecked, can result in stress or even depression.

    Have a constant guiding map at hand as to the direction you want to move in. Check that each decision you make is in alignment with this vision. Remind yourself constantly that the journey you have undertaken is desired by all aspects of yourself and is the route to your higher good and of those around you. As a transformational leader, it is important to ensure you are prepared for this zone of ambiguity so you remain aligned with all aspects of yourself, your vision and your followers, especially during challenging times.

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