The Correct Vision is Everything



    It has been said that without a vision the people perish. And so it relates to business. Although the leader need not invent that vision, if they can catch a vision from a colleague all can be well. But the leader must have a passion for that vision and be able to explain it and to enthuse others about it.

    Regardless of how the ideas are formed, a leader who aspires to create a transformational change must have the ability to articulate some sort of compelling vision and its impact on the future.

    Tell the story

    The leader needs the ability to use metaphor and story, as well as to understand the hearts and minds of the audience. Using this combination, the leader taps into their hopes and dreams to make the future real.

    Let the people imagine

    The most effective leaders use their time and energy to engage the people of their organization to illustrate that picture. The leader supports the creative act of allowing each person to “paint his own corner” of the emerging mural.

    That way, each person can see how he or she fits into the larger picture, and each has a strong sense of personal ownership. By doing this, in groups and individually, the leader can create a powerful draw to the future.

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