There are Two Types of Leaders


    Transformational and transactional are the types. Which one are you?

    Daily planning

    Transformational leader has priorities for vision and people.
    Transactional leader has priorities for production and financials.

    Focus areas

    Transformational leader has an overall mission and human capacity to deliver.
    Transactional leader has an overall production and organizational capacity to deliver.


    Transformational leader has an ‘I care how you are’ approach.
    Transactional leader has an ‘I care about what you are’ approach.


    Transformational leader engages with people on a personal level.
    Transactional leader engages with people on a technical level.

    Goal alignment

    Transformational leader sets long-reaching and vision-based goals.
    Transactional leader sets goals that are realistic and seem to be acceptable.

    Technical orientation

    Transformational leader has technical expertise but uses it sparingly.
    Transactional leader has technical expertise and uses it extensively.

    Information sharing

    Transformational leader ensures that people have the most access to information.
    Transactional leader ensures that people have the proper level of information.

    What’s the difference?

    In many ways there is not a lot. Both have goals and could well achieve them. Both achieve results in a good climate. But the transformational leader far outshines the other when times are tough.

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