Transformational is a long-term activity


    For all the great benefits of transformational change, one of the best is its continuity. It doesn’t have an end. Once you become involved with transformation you learn it is not a one-off activity.

    Life is simply a series of choices through which we constantly attempt to achieve an ideal.

    One of the first practices is to learn how to switch your internal state toward feeling happy and enthusiastic. You don’t have to wait until all aspects of your vision are in place before you feel the benefits.

    You must immediately take charge of any thoughts that take you down mental pathways that are not in line with your vision.

    Tips to keep the transformation ticking over

    Lean into the optimism of knowing you are successful and create scenarios of how you will live out this vision in all areas of your life.

    In addition to changing our thinking and our internal language, you can change your external environment as well. You can look around to see how you are spending your time, with what sorts of things you are filling your life and thoughts, and change your environment to match your vision state.

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