Walk the Talk



    Having a vision is essential. Doing something is likewise vital. You need to take action. In fact vision and action are the first steps in the process of transformation.

    “When you pray, move your feet.” Vision equates to the prayer; action equates to moving your feet. We have to be ready to pick up and go when inspiration strikes.

    When we create a vision of a more desirable state, we next must take the action to do something different than we have done up until now. When you see a better way, take it. The question is always “If not now, then when?”

    We demonstrate our commitment through what we do.

    How leaders react

    Beyond creating a vision of what is possible, our transformational leaders take their own action to immediately “step into” that picture and begin to live it as soon as they possibly can. These leaders do not stand by and point into the vision; they move there and beckon others to join them.

    They walk their talk and live the image they present. Moreover, they strongly and supportively coach others to do the same. They turn imagination into reality through aligning all parts of their lives with the future.

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