Why Does Change Not Happen?


    What happens if your action to realize your vision stalls? Why has it stalled?
    There may be several reasons.

    Structure-there is inherent structure that prevents a person from taking steps toward his or her vision. If there are no openings, we must create them, usually by removing structure that blocks the vision.

    Skill-occasionally, the person lacks required skills to take the first steps. Interestingly, this is one of the least frequent situations and the easiest to resolve.

    Opportunity-this is a very common reason for people not to take first steps toward a vision; they just don’t have an opportunity. This is the case when their current state is vastly different from the vision. In these instances, the first steps are much more basic and are simply to create opportunities to live out the vision.

    Physical environment-in these situations, there may be a vast number of behavioral anchors tied to physical environment. For this, think of an alcoholic bartender whose vision is to be sober.

    Risk-sometimes the vision state or the steps required to get there are just too scary or the literal risk is just too high.

    Reward-here is also the possibility that while the vision state carries its own reward, the interim states seem to have little or no reward.

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