You Can Lead a Horse to Water


    The most inspired of inspirational leaders can be but putty in the hands of a person or persons who want to do what they want to do.

    People cannot be forced-at least, not for long. We know that we can enslave the body but not the mind.

    Human beings truly choose who they are, how much they will accomplish, and how they will engage the world at every second of every day. That is simply a fact of existence. As leaders, we must recognize this and commit to honoring that fact.

    While many people in authority positions wish they could mandate or dictate direction and action for large groups of people, it is truly impossible to do with any degree of success. It is also completely undesirable to do so when operating through any degree of human dignity.

    But what if they choose to move with you?

    We know the results are positive even spectacular when people choose to commit to a direction that is based on the passion they feel in their hearts.

    The real key to successful change is the leader and the choices that leader makes-the choice to engage, the choice to commit, and the choice to share his or her perspective with others.

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